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We are more than an empowerment or inspiration hub.

A purpose-driven platform to support your growth and wellbeing, deepen your connection to nature, and find meaningful community.

Join our membership platform filled with self-identifying women waiting to grow and connect with you.

Our membership will help you...…
  • Find female-centric content about issues that matter to you and a safe space to talk about it

  • Move past overwhelm or roadblocks when trying to reach your goals

  • Find community and accountability with like-minded women who are your biggest supporters

  • Reduce stress and improve your wellbeing with tangible tools, coaching, and resources

  • Deepen your connection to nature and incorporate more nature into your daily life

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 What you'll find on our 
membership platform 

We help self-identifying women take action, make progress, and experience lasting change and growth through content and real connections that include:

We have invested in our own network and custom built the

She Summits platform. Access is exclusively for members.


Here’s what’s possible with She Summits

"The team at She Summits has been absolutely incredible to work with. Not only do they share incredible films, but the personalized way they create an immersive virtual viewing experience was outstanding."
- Sarah, Vitruvi Co-Founder and CEO
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Membership Includes:

  • Powerful short films: we curate unique female-centric short films that inspire change, spark dialogue on relevant issues, and amplify female voices. Three new films are added every month.

  • Live monthly events: members get access to four live monthly events, including a Panel Discussion, Film and Book Club, Coaching Workshop, and Nature-Based Workshop.

  • Coaching: we provide live virtual coaching workshops plus tools and resources to support your growth.

  • Community: connect with like-minded women in our thriving and supportive forum and at live events for accountability, networking, and support.

  • Nature: we use nature-based content, speakers, resources, and data-backed forest therapy exercises to reduce stress and support your wellbeing.

  • Resources: members get access to our vault of tools, articles, and resources to help you reach your goals, deepen your connection to nature, and improve your wellbeing.

  • Workshopswe work with industry-leading speakers to bring you exclusive workshops on topics like mental health and burnout. 

  • Giveaways: members are eligible for monthly giveaways with female-founded companies.

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For the price of 2 oat milk lattes per month, you can become a member. We're willing to bet you'll get more value out of your membership than
4 shots of espresso.

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Pay It Forward

Purchase an individual membership that will be gifted to someone who does not otherwise have the means.


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magic happens.

When women come together with a collective intention,

-Phylicia Rashad

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Our Contribution

In 2022, the She Summits Forum will be donating a portion of proceeds from She Summits Memberships to Girl in the Wild.

Girl in the Wild creates and runs free confidence-boosting camps with an adventure-based curriculum for self-identifying teenage girls. Our donations will help send girls to camp.